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2022 KILLS

                                  2023 Whitetail Dates
                                       *Dates & Pricing Subject to change

Muzzleloader            Sept. 11-15              5 Day/6 Night            $4,350
                                    Sept. 18-22    

Pre-Rut Archery       Oct. 16-20               5 Day/6 Night            $3,950 

Rut Archery              Oct. 23-27                 5 Day/6 Night            $4,150
                                    Oct. 30-Nov. 3
                                    Nov. 6-10
                                    Nov. 13-17

Rifle                            Nov. 29-Dec. 3        5 Day/6 Night            $4,550
                                    Dec. 6-10           

Our whitetail season kicks off in September with muzzleloaders, a time when you can still catch velvet bucks in their bachelor groups on summer feeding patterns. From there, we transition right into archery through October and into the always exciting Kansas rut of November. The end of November brings on our two week rifle season taking us into December, which is never a dull time. We finish up chasing big bucks with our cold late season archery hunts through the end of the month.

We operate on 21,000+ acres of long term, private leased, highly managed, prime habitat in Chautauqua and Elk counties . Our ground consists of a mixture of mature timber, cedars, river bottoms, oak flats, brushy hedgerows, agricultural fields, crp grasses...the entire Kansas experience. We focus on growing and managing for some of the countries largest free ranging, fair chase whitetails.

Whitetail hunts are fully guided including:

  • Scouting/observing year round in order to put you as close as possible to a trophy

  • Nutrition plan with mineral and feed for necessary growing periods and during your hunt

  • Drop off and pick up from stand


Applications for Out of State License and tags must be submitted by April 24th.

See KDWPT for more information

Payment Information:

  • 1/3 Due at Booking

  • 1/3 Due June 1

  • 1/3 Due July 15 


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