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J&M Whitetail Outfitters: Destination Kansas is a hunting outfitter primarily focusing on whitetail but we also offer turkey, waterfowl, quail and coyote hunts. I, Steven Freese, am the sole owner and lead guide of the outfit, aided by my wonderful wife Deanna who organizes all of the day to day lodging and cooking operations. We have two sons, Joey & Mason. They are so precious to us and we are thankful to be able to share this adventure with our children.

At the center of our business plan is the absolute satisfaction and accommodation to our clients with the goal of developing lifelong friendships with each one. Hunting is not just a job, it is my passion- one God has blessed me with the ability to pursue and share.



Owning a business such as this is a dream come true. I take great pride in everything I do and therefore you can be assured that I will work very hard to make sure you are pleased with your hunt.

Our desire here at J&M is to create lifelong memories and lasting friendships. It's more than just a hunt. 

Hunting has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have a great respect for nature and am especially passionate about hunting Whitetail. Learning their patterns and behaviors, and then eventually being able to take down an old mature buck; There is no other feeling like it.



Blessed to be able to work alongside my husband as he pursues his dream. And doubly blessed that we can have our children grow up in the process with us. Joey & Mason (J&M) are our purpose ...Proverbs 22:6

One thing we can promise here at J&M is that you will not go hungry! I grew up eating great home-cooked meals and sitting at the table together as a family; and for that I am thankful! It brings me joy to cook for my family and friends!

May all who enter as guests leave as friends!

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I've loved the outdoors since I was a boy. As I got older I found my passion for hunting and training retrievers continued to grow and led me to become a guide and owner of Red Horizon Retrievers. Sharing my love for hunting and gun dogs has been a true blessing and priveledge that God has enabled me to share with my family, friends and everyone who hunts here at J&M. 

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God, Family and hunting. I am so happy to be part of J&M. I have been guiding for 17 years and we are extremely grateful to be part of the team. My father took me deer and duck hunting as a young man and it has been in my blood ever since.

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Teddy has been leading waterfowl hunting in Virginia for many years and now expanded into Kansas. Teddy, his wife Donna and their guides go above and beyond- we are blessed to know them and have teamed up with them.

We operate in the central flyway in southeastern Kansas with exclusive rights to miles of AG fields and dozens of potholes and larger lakes. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

More information on waterfowl hunts here.



Duane is a seasoned hunter with an undeniable passion for turkey hunting. God just keeps connecting us with great people; Duane and his wife Susan are another example. Thrilled to have them here leading the turkey season.

Kansas offers a one bird limit and we offer quality turkey hunts on Rio Grande turkeys. If you’re looking to fill your tag on the Grand Slam, we’ve got you covered for the Rio Grande. Lodging and meals included.

More information on turkey hunts here.

We operate on 21,000+ acres of long term, private leased, highly managed, prime habitat in Chautauqua and Elk counties . Our ground consists of a mixture of mature timber, cedars, river bottoms, oak flats, brushy hedgerows, agricultural fields, crop grasses...the entire Kansas experience. We focus on growing and managing for some of the countries largest free ranging, fair chase whitetails.

Our whitetail season kicks off in September with muzzleloaders, a time when you can still catch velvet bucks in their bachelor groups on summer feeding patterns. From there, we transition right into archery through October and into the always exciting Kansas rut of November. The end of November brings on our two week rifle season taking us into December, which is never a dull time. We finish up chasing big bucks with our cold late season archery hunts through the end of the month.

With the end of our rifle whitetail hunts, we begin turning our eyes to the skies for the wide array of waterfowl that pass through our properties. Our ground offers multiple ponds, lakes, rivers, and grain fields to hunt over- so we can be where the birds want to be. We also open up for the hunters who chase the flush of a covey of quail, as our ground is home to many birds. April brings our turkey hunters into camp. Kansas offers a one bird limit, and we have Easterns, Rios, and Hybrids roaming our land. Due to the wide predation, we are allowed to hunt and trap coyotes year round- so we always have something to offer our friends.

Whatever you choose to hunt, we do hope that you choose to hunt it here with us at J&M Whitetail Outfitters: Destination Kansas.

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