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Waterfowl hunts begin just as soon as we wrap up our deer rifle season in mid December. 

We provide all your meals, lodging, and transportation during the hunt.  We supply all decoys, blinds, and retrievers needed.


Our hunting sets are on a mixture of dry agriculture fields, flooded shallow water impoundments, potholes, small lakes, and rivers. We will scout and hunt wherever the birds want to be.  

Predominantly we will shoot mallards and greater Canada geese but will also pick up pintails, wigeon, gadwall, teal, woodies, ringneck, redhead, goldeneye, canvasback, snow geese, lessers, specklebellies, and cacklers. 


We have birds here from November on, so there is not a bad time to hunt with us! And we have enough options that weather will not hinder our hunts either. 

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