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Being in the outdoors is how I was raised. I can remember going deer hunting with my Dad from a very early age. I am passionate about chasing all types of game but the whitetail deer is where my roots were planted. Chasing and learning about these animals isn't just a hobby for me, it's part of who I am.


I couldn't be more excited to work with J&M Whitetail Outfitters. Steven and Deanna have been good friends for several years and I enjoy getting to share in the same passion. I get just as excited when I get the call from a client saying they just shot their biggest buck ever!

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Working for Steve and Deanna has been such a blessing. As an avid deer hunter for well over 25 years I'm now able to share my experiences of hunting whitetail in a whole new way. I get to take my passion and use my knowledge in helping each and every client achieve their whitetail trophy. Whether I'm working the land, setting stands, or helping a hunter chase down a trophy deer I put in all my efforts. Seeing the success of a client brings me as much joy as if it were my own!

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