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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Free Range & Fair Chase

140" and 4 year old minimum

Immature Buck Fine:


We are committed to growing trophy class bucks. Therefore we strive to shoot bucks in excess of 135 inches. Bucks that do not make a minimum of 135 inches will be fined $750.

Wounded Animals:


Our company policy on wounded animals . If you draw blood that is your animal and your hunt is over. We will go above and beyond in assisting hunters blood track / grid & body search for wounded animals.

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Things to Know:

  • Applications for nonresident hunters are open each year in April

  • Check-in is at 4:00PM the day before your scheduled hunt. No Exceptions.

  • We will serve dinner the evening before your scheduled hunt.

  • Remember to bring your paper tags with you or have them downloaded on the KDWP App.

  • Firearm and crossbow hunters should bring shooting sticks.

  • Weather can change on a dime. Come prepared for all possibilities..

  • Final payments are due July 1st.

  • All hunters are responsible for thier own transportation to and from airport.

  • Gratuities are not included. Typical gratuities are 10-20% of the cost for the hunt, depending on your experience. Please tip your guide after the hunt. They leave their homes and families to spend months preparing for your hunt.

  • Each hunter must read, sign and abide by our policy and liability forms

  • Respect other hunters, guides, and land owner’s property.

  • We abide by all Kansas Hunting Regulations, and expect our hunters to do the same.

  • We do offer de-boning and quartering services on site. The local meat-lockers are not always able to process your deer.

A typical day a J&M:


Are linens provided

Lodges are fully furnished including all bedding and towels. You will need to bring your own toiletries.

What is the closest airport?

Wichita is 1.5hours from the lodge

Tulsa is 2 hours from the lodge

We do not provide transportation to or from airport

Are there any restrictions on muzzleloaders?

Legal muzzleloaders include rifles, pistols or muskets that can be loaded only through the front of the firing chamber with separate components and that fire a bullet of .40 inches in diameter or larger, using hard-cast solid lead, conical lead, saboted, or tumble-on-impact bullets.

Is blaze orange required?

During an open firearm or muzzleloader season blaze orange is required. An orange hat and at least 200 square inches of orange is required. Of this, 100 square inches must be visible from the front and 100 square inches must be visible from the back on the upper half of the body.

What equipment do I need to bring?

We provide stands, blinds and hangers. The hunter is responsible to bring everything else: safety harnesses, pull ropes, weapon and all other necessary equipment.

What is the weather like?

Kansas weather can change on a dime. Within a week we could have a wide range of weather. Come prepared for it all; wind, rain, hot or cold.

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